What is barter?

Simply put, it is trading your products and services for other product or services you may need or want.  As a member you can earn trade credits when other members purchase your goods and services from you.

Why not just use money?

Money is a medium of exchange, allowing us to trade and services that we don't have.  But what if you don't have money?  Trading allows the privelege of receiving goods ans services we need in exchange for our goods and services. For example, if you're a barber, you could trade a haircut for food, clothes, or whatever.  You wouldn't be using any money, it's just simply a fair exchange.

Trading involves everything but money

No matter what service or product you have, there is a need for it. Restaurants, shops, painters, skilled or unskilled services, even real estate or automobiles, there is a market waiting for you.  If you haven't considered trading before, now is the time to get actively involved and reap the benefits.

The new way to do business

With AMERICAN BARTER EXCHANGE there are no one on one limitations!  As a member you can trade credits when other members purchase your goods and services from you...which is always additional business you would never receive!  Then you spend your credits just like cash with other members for what you need or want.  These reciprocal trades increase each members business, each gets what they need, and there is never a need for cash.

Here's how it works

Suppose you were to trade $600 of your goods or services to another member, 600 trade credits would be immediately deposited into your account.  You can then use 100 of your trade credits to repair your auto, 50 credits at a restaurant, 300 credits for a watch, and still have 150 credits for future purchases such as a dj, advertising, flowers, gardening, or perhaps you want to cater an affair, take a vacation or engage the services of an accountant or lawyer...the list is endless.

Barter brings many benefits.

You always get new additional business from other members, sho spend their credits with you!  AMERICAN BARTER EXCHANGE can also move excess or broken inventory for you throughout the country!  When you buy, you'll use trade credits instead of your hard earned cash and your profit markup automatically becomes a discount on everything you buy with your trade credits!  In other words, you buy retail for whatever your wholesale cost is.  Now that's a good deal.

Computerized credit cards

With AMERICAN BARTER EXCHANGE, there are no bad debts, no bookkeeping, no collection, no waiting for your money!  This is because the computer handles everything with credit card simplicity.  And you CAN LIMIT THE AMOUNT OF GOODS AND SERVICES you want to trade anytime you want!

Apply now!  Not everyone can join

Only BUSINESS OWNERS, PROFESSIONALS and TRADES-PEOPLE can become members of the AMERICAN BARTER EXCHANGE...retailers, hotels & motels, plumbers, carpenters, painters, electricians, etc. BUT NOT EVERYONE CAN JOIN!  We place a limit on the number of members offering similar goods and services.  This guarantees as a member you will receive ample new business, customers and profits.  So apply now, if you wait it may become too late. 


AMERICAN BARTER EXCHANGE is a member of an independent network of over 500,000 business, professionals and trades people trading over one billion dollars worth of goods and services a year.  This constitutes the largest single source of professional expertise in the financial, legal, and economic aspects of barter marketing in the world today.  So if you would like to increase your cash flow and make new customers, then why not give us a try!  You'll be glad you did.