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Barter Your Way To A Better Life Through The American Barter Exchange (ABE)

A member of an independent network of over 500,000 business and professional people trading over one billion dollars of goods and services a year. Read more »

The Key To A Better Living While Keeping Business Profitable

Travel, entertainment, catering, leisure products, self employment services and consumer goods are available. Read more »

Alternative Financing

Many business people know the frustration of applying for a business loan only to be turned down or offered less than the full amount. We can help with lines of credit, trade loans and other approaches to financing which are unavailable to business lenders in the cash economy. We also help you earn trade dollars to pay off your loan. Read more »

ABE Can Make Your Business More Successful

Word-of-mouth marketing is the most powerful marketing weapon available. With a networking group of over 2500 people, we can conduct a successful word-of-mouth marketing campaign that will add lots of cash to your bottom line. Read more »

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